Truck Carrying 3,000 Piglets Overturns On Illinois Highway

Police in Illinois had a busy morning after a truck carrying around 3,000 piglets overturned on Interstate 70 about 135 miles northeast of St. Louis. Illinois State Police District 12 shared a photo of the overturned truck on Facebook and warned motorists to be on the lookout for any of the piglets that may still be on the loose as responders worked to corral the pigs.

Some of the pigs managed to escape the truck and were playing around in the mud on the side of the highway when officers arrived, while others remained trapped on the truck. With the help of volunteers from other agencies, they managed to capture all of the escaped piglets.

Once all of the pigs had rounded up, the State Police shared another photo of one of their troopers holding one of the baby pigs.

A lot of teamwork today! Many thanks to the swift help from Greenup Fire Prot. Dist., Greenup Police Department, Casey Police Department, Effingham Equity, Illinois Department of Transportation, IDOT portable scales personnel and other local volunteers.
Here's Trooper Jenkins hamming it up with a customer this morning!🐷🐷🐷

Officials were happy to announce that neither the driver or any of the baby pigs were hurt in the crash. Investigators are still trying to determine what caused the driver to lose control and tip over on the side of the road.

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