The Commercial From Don Lewis' Family During DWTS Last Night

Last night, the season premiere of Dancing With The Stars featured some new faces like Tyra Banks as host and Derek Hough in place of Lem, who couldn't be a part of the judges table due to COVID-19 travel restrictions... But we also saw the new dancers including Carole Baskin of Tiger King fame...

For those who have seen the Netflix series, you know that her previous husband Don Lewis disappeared under bizarre circumstances and that his family is still searching for him years later. The family also bought airtime during the season premiere of Dancing With The Stars to ask viewers to provide any possible information into Don's whereabouts.

While that might seem like a troll-ish thing to do, the family did say that they feel her appearance on the show is "grossly insensitive" while Don is still missing and the case remains unsolved.

You can watch the commercial in the video clip below.

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