Justin Timberlake To Make A Surprise Appearance In Janet Jackson's New Doc

Photo: Getty Images

Nearly 20 years after the infamous Super Bowl Halftime Show nipplegate debacle, Justin Timberlake will speak about it in Janet Jackson's upcoming Lifetime/A&E documentary. According to Page Six, the Can't Stop The Feeling singer will make an appearance in the two-night, four-hour long special to talk about the notorious 2004 performance, in which he ripped off part of her top, exposing her bare breast and nipple cover as he sang "I'm gonna have you naked by the end of this song." A source revealed:

Justin is in it. I was told he is going to be in the documentary. It's like this big secret. He's the surprise, just like the Super Bowl. Lifetime hasn't even seen the screener yet!"

In the trailer for the four-part documentary, which coincides with the 40th anniversary of Janet's self-titled first album, Randy Jackson revealed that JT invited Janet to join him when he returned to the Super Bowl stage in 2018, however, it didn't happen for reasons unknown:

"Justin and his team have been trying to contact us about you doing the Super Bowl."

Director Benjamin Hirsc said of the highly anticipated doc:

"The project started life as a behind-the-scenes tour film, but as Janet, who is a notoriously private person, started to open up we soon realised that there was a much bigger story to tell. To get the opportunity to tell her story and delve through never-before-seen personal archives has been fascinating."

Catch Janet Jackson, a two-night event premiering Friday, January 28th on Lifetime and A&E.

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