Here's Why Fans Are Poking Fun At Nick Jonas For Being A Millennial

Photo: Getty Images

Nick Jonas' latest TikTok has fans poking fun at him for being a "full millennial."

The video starts off with Nick saying a common millennial phrase on social media..."So, I did a thing today." The "Jealous" singer later shows off a birthday cake that he ordered for "for no reason." In the clip, he explains how proud he is of doing this on a "normal Saturday." Millennial parody videos have been going viral on TikTok, and fans in the comment section quickly pointed out their feelings on Nick's choice of words.

“so i did a thing today” not nick being a full millennial 😭😭😭 still love you tho boo
His face expressions are identical to those millennial parody vids 😭😭
Nick, we don’t say “so, I did a thing…” anymore
unfortunately reminded that nick jonas is a millennial

Watch the TikTok below:

Nick celebrated the 15th anniversary of "S.O.S" by the Jonas Brothers earlier this week. The singer paid tribute to the track with a fun facts video about the creation of the song. "I wrote the song when I was 13 in a hotel room in New York City," he began. Later, he explained how the "memorable" guitar line came to be and revealed the song's original title: "A Call I'll Never Get."

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