Post Malone Found A Way To Get Around Utah's Alcohol Laws

Here’s some good news for Post Malone fans. In a new interview with “Wall Street Journal Magazine” Posty says he’s been spending quarantine in Utah making a new album.

“As crazy as the world is and as strong as everybody needs to be, being able to be in my house by myself and just vibe-out and see where my brain takes me — this has been a perfect time to make music, and to write songs about what's going on currently,” he shares. "I'm working on an album now. There's so much to say in these times that will give people hope and hopefully uplift people's spirits. Because it's a dark time in America. It's a dark time in the world.”

He adds, “Honestly, for a songwriter to be in the house all day is a blessing and a curse. In the darkest of times I'm just trying to make something beautiful out of it."

  • One issue he’s had to deal with while living in Utah is the state’s strict alcohol laws, but he’s found a way to work around it. In Utah it’s illegal to buy or possess containers of beer larger than two liters. “We’re just getting hammered every day and doing funny s–t. I just drink in my house, and if I need a keg I go to Wyoming and bring it back,” he says, noting that the state is easing up on such rules during the pandemic. “It’s just interesting here. But it’s getting better every day because [the Utah government] realizes that the world is so f—ing crazy.”

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