Warning Issued Over Eating Bananas Late In The Day

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From a young age, we are all told that we should be healthy and eat our fruits and vegetables, and while that is true, there is one fruit in particular that, when eaten at a certain time, might not be doing your body any favors.

It turns out that having a banana as a late night snack could be messing with your sleep by either making it difficult to stay asleep or causing you bad dreams. According to experts at SleepJunkie.com, "Bananas are a superfood that can be enjoyed pretty much any time of the day. However, eating them too close to bedtime can contribute to a restless night's sleep and stimulate vivid dreams or nightmares."

The fruit actually has high levels of magnesium, which relaxes muscles and calms the body and, because of that, helps you fall asleep. However, bananas also produce a large amount of the hormone melatonin, and that's what causes problems. The melatonin affects your circadian rhythm - what regulates when you sleep and when you're awake. The hormone also activates your imagination, which causes those vivid dreams and nightmares.

There is no need to avoid bananas though, they can be a great source for nutrients and vitamins, just try not to eat them, or really any snack, within an hour or two of going to sleep.

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