Hello Upper East Siders, It's Me... Gossip Girl. I'm Back. On HBO Max

There has been lots of buzz, Chase Crawford aka Nate Archibald recently said he could see it coming back in some form, and honestly maybe he's a psychic (orrrr Gossip Girl gave him a tip and he already knew) but "Gossip Girl" is coming back! The show, which ran for six seasons between 2007-2012, ended quite interestingly and the new series will pick up eight years after the original left off.

The new show, picked up by HBO Max, will feature a new cast of characters and a new type of social media surveillance in their wonderful world of wealth and drama.

No word on WHEN the new series will be released, but the 10 episodes will be in good hands, the original series executive producers are running the show. HOPEFULLY they bring back at least ONE of the original cast members for a cameo?

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