Expert says "No" to almost every Activity during Coronavirus Pandemic

We know, staying home is tough. Especially if you're used to getting your workout in.

I was reading this article on ESPN. Basically a Q&A with Lauren Sauer, of Johns Hopkins hospital, on how to stay fit during this Coronavirus Pandemic. And well, seems like its gonna be pretty tough to do that. Take a look at some of her answers down below.

via ESPN

What about places like the beach? Is it safe to go if we don't see any other people or if we stay at least 6 feet away from others?
No, you shouldn't. "I just think going to beaches is problematic and people really shouldn't be doing it," Sauer said. Much of her concern revolves around access points to and from beaches, which can be high-traffic areas with lots of people touching railings, stairs and other objects. "At beaches, you go up one or two ramps to get out to the broader beach area. Those are access points where people tend to congregate, touching the showers to rinse your feet, for example."
So, what can I do for exercise if I live in an apartment in a densely populated area?
Sauer said she is impressed by the quality and quantity of free exercise classes being offered online. You can do many of those in front of your TV or computer. "There are a lot of the yoga studios, fitness studios, places like that that have transitioned a lot of their classes to online. There's a ton of people on YouTube and Instagram who are offering free fitness classes. Take advantage of those." Even if you live in a small studio apartment, finding ways to exercise is one key to getting through this time, she said.
"I understand the challenges of not being able to access things that you relied on, not just for physical health, but mental health," she said. "Exercise is absolutely one of them. I try to remind my colleagues at Hopkins that we have to take care of ourselves, because taking care of yourself now means you're going to be more well-equipped to fight off the virus."

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