Starting June 3 You Won't Need To Go Into The DMV For These Services

The DMV is trying to make handling certain tasks easier for the public by moving them to be online services only.

Starting June 3rd, Californians will be able to take care of tasks below via online and not in person at the DMV office:

  • vehicle registration renewal (not past the due date)
  • driver’s license renewal (if it doesn't require an in-person visit)
  • requests for copies of vehicle registration records
  • requests for copies of driver’s license records
  • replacing a lost or stolen driver’s license or identification card
“The DMV is becoming a mobile-first operation, and simple renewals are easy self-help transactions that don’t require an office visit,” the DMV director, Steve Gordon, said in a statement. “…We have also shortened the time it takes to receive vehicle stickers and driver’s licenses. In most cases, you’ll have your item in less than two weeks.”

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