That's one way to do a sobriety test #dance


Police arrested a man for DUI in Holiday, Florida on Feb. 6 after they say he danced during his field sobriety test and told police he believed he was driving in a different city. Pasco County Sheriff’s Office Deputies saw a parked vehicle in front of a closed business with its brake lights on and the engine still running around 2 a.m. Deputies say the driver was asleep at the wheel. The driver, identified as Christopher Larson, was told to unlock the vehicle and put it in park. Larson is accused of then getting out of the vehicle while his car was still in drive. The vehicle started to roll forward, and the deputy had to jump inside and put on the brakes to stop it from hitting the gate. A field sobriety test was performed, and Larson appeared disoriented and did not follow proper instructions -- even dancing along the line during the exercise, according to deputies. Larson was arrested for driving under the influence, and deputies say he admitted to drinking.


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