New Music: Make You Mine by Public

Occasionally we hear a new song that connects with us right away. It's that feeling of remembering a time in your life or let's you forget the worries of the world and gives you peace for just 2 ot 3 minutes. This is one of those songs that I love. First time I heard this track I knew right away I wanted to add it to my playlists and even get it played on the radio.

The group is Public and the song is called Make You Mine. When I heard this song it made me think of when I met my wife and how I had to be with her! For anyone else it could bring up that memory of trying to win someone over and that feeling of butterflies in your stomach when asking them out on a date for the first time.

Check the song out and then see what this college football player did for his girlfriend while using the song. It's the perfect song!! CLICK HERE