New Body Suit for Your Dog Will Do a MAJOR Protectin'

So I talk about dogs about once every other blog at this point, because you guys know that I LOVE my pups. I'm kind of like Liam Neeson when it comes to my lil guys, if someone ever did anything to them, I would find them, and I would...well, you know how it goes.

Well, a new harness for dogs could protect your dog from a number of dangers out there, making your four-legged friend a forced to be reckoned with.

Alison Columbus and Janice Voth, two vets at a veterinarian in North Vancouver noticed that some of the pups coming in were traumatized from past encounters with other animals or bigger dogs. Well, they decided to level the playing field by creating a doggy harness with freakin' SPIKES attached to them.

"The little dogs would come in and ... half the time they can't come out of some of those traumatic events. So we just wanted to help have something that would help them," Voth said. The harness fits on the backs of dogs and even around their necks, for 360 protection.

"It covers the parts of the dog that research has shown that's where coyotes or other aggressive dogs normally would go for," said Columbus on CBC'sOn the Coast.

Columbus and Voth have been working on the prototype for about a year now, and plan on launching the harness with their new company, PredatorBwear (which come on, this is a FANTASTIC name for a doggy protection business) in January.

Is your lil guy at hoe getting one of these harnesses? Gonna be honest, these look a little badass. I'll take two!