We Now Have MAYO Slices!

Following the viral debut of slices of ketchup, we now have mayonnaise slices. Yup...not even kidding.You no longer need to worry about lugging around a jar of mayo to your picnic or family bbq. Just take this handy packet of mayo slices and… voilà! The creamy goodness of egg yolks and oil in a sheet of mayo! Is it just me or does the prospect of chewing mayonnaise not sound very appetizing?

The future of condiments is now. The mayonnaise slice comes to us from a Japanese company named Bourbon. The Bourbon brand is well-known for its sliced Nutella-like chocolate slices made for sandwiches.

But Japan wasn’t just satisfied with making mayonnaise slices; they had to go and take it to another level. The slice is actually flavored like tuna. So these mayo roll-ups are great for tuna fish sandwiches. Maybe?

Bourbon also makes a mayo slice with mentaiko, a spicy cod roe flavor. Mmmmm… fish egg flavored mayo slices. Where do i sign up...kidding. The mayo slices will retail for about $1.80 when they roll out on March 2.

In case you forgot about those crazy ketchup slices that were released. Video above :)

Photo: Getty Images